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"Maybe it's bold, but what the hell: anywhere in Krakow, I have had better pizza than in Mamma Mia. A had them a lot. Easy to understand, with what pleasure I discovered the restaurant Mamma Mia, in which the soft dough is thin and delicate.

Pizza quattro fromaggi a culinary masterpiece. The difference between quattro fromaggi in Mamma Mia and quattro fromaggi anywhere else is like that between ruszającym of hooves, Romanian Aro a brand new Audi Quattro. Or Lamborgini. It's just the difference in weight.

On the table there are also Tagliatelle (exemplary al dente) with green vegetables, among which the leading light of a delicious gourmet beans and parmesan. This kitchen is worth the money. "


"Mamma Mia unexpectedly grew in the yard next to the Friends Coffee. Krakow no shortage of Italian restaurants, so opening another zwracałoby not because if not for her decor.

The interior strikes a consequence of modernity and the plan executed with great attention to detail. And they emerge from the shadows as carefully thought through light. Photographs on the walls, but also unusual, because showing the corners of Venice, you will not see on postcards. "