About the restaurant

Solar Italia evokes memories of the unforgettable travel - mountains beautiful at any time of the year, turquoise sea, providing the finest wine vineyards in the world, Tuscan, and finally the sun of Sicily, which he does not forget and flavors, for which just missed .. .

With this desire was born the idea of ​​creating Trattoria, where you can find real Italian flavors: pizza on a delicate, thin crust wood-fired oven, pasta according to Italian recipes, all sorts of meats and cheeses from the Apennine Peninsula, pressed olive oil, and of course first quality Italy's picturesque wine vineyards.

Spell our Italian food and family atmosphere Mamma Mia guests will remember for a long time.

Our restaurant is located at Karmelicka the Old Town, near the Market .. This location makes it a real aroma, fragrant dishes midday sun comes to our many guests.

Of Krakow with great pleasure to visit a restaurant Mamma Mia, a special reverence we have for foreigners. During his visits to Krakow, once again to tempt served by our chef meals always come back again several times.

It is difficult in the city with a more Italian place and ... better pizza. Dishes that we serve are prepared according to traditional recipes and high quality products. Each of our guests ordered the meal is created out of passion and love for Italian cuisine.

                                                    "Mamma Mia Trattoria is a place that will charm you taste ..."

                                                                                   You are welcome!